Eggs in the Basket Review Game

With Easter fast approaching I was looking for a fun game to review for our upcoming Exponents test.  I took Math Tales from the Spring’s fabulous Ghosts in the Graveyard game that I’ve talked about before and modified it for Easter and the kids loved it.

bunny1First make 8 question cards with 4 questions each.  I used bunny coloring page pictures and made the problems increasingly more difficult, so lower level student could opt to just do the first 3 problems.  The PowerPoint below has all of the blank card pages so you can write in whatever problems you like.

Students work in groups of about 5, and the entire group works one card.  All students in group work the first problem and then discuss – all group members must agree to answer and have work to support it before moving on to next problem.   When a group is done, check answers by calling on different group members (I put the answers for all 8 cards on one piece of paper I carry around on clipboard so I can quickly check answers).


For each question the team has correctly answered, they get one egg.  Each team has a designated color so they color the egg (just quickly color – the color makes it easy to identify when you assign points later).  Up on the board I put pieces of construction paper representing Easter Egg Hunt sites (I used some that are local Egg Hunts and others like, “White House Lawn”).  Students can take their 4 eggs (or however many they have right) and tape them to any of the 5 possible hunt sites.  Some students put almost all eggs on one page, others spread them around.  Students now return their card and get a new one.

Call time when there’s about 15 minutes left (I warn about 5 minutes before so they wrap up whatever problem they are on).  Take the 5 eggs labeled 100, 75, 50, 25 and 0, fold them and randomly draw for points.  Announce, “this is for the White House Lawn Hunt” and draw an egg – say this one is 50 points.  Every egg taped to the White House Lawn earns 50 points for that team.  One hunt site will get the 0 (lots of groaning ).  Team with the most points wins.  Team leaders gather team’s papers and staple together to turn in (so you can take classwork grade if you want).

Students really like the game, and the discussion is just wonderful as students look at each other’s work and help explain where their mistakes are!

Here’s a PowerPoint with all of the cards, eggs and detailed directions:  Eggs_in_the_basket game

If for any reason you cannot open the file email me ( and I’ll email it to you.  Happy Easter!


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