Foldable – Graphing Inequalities and Solving Systems of Inequalities

ImageHere is a new foldable to help students graph linear inequalities and solve systems of inequalities. I created the foldable using Google Presentation so I could share it with others, and make it easy for them to download and make changes.  Hmph.  I am just not an enthusiastic GD’er yet as some of the smallest things vex me tremendously!  I wanted dotted lines on the front page so students would know where to cut, and no matter what combination of weight or type of dotted line, I could not get these lines to print.  So, the very light lines are the ones that need to be cut (and if you figure out how to do this, let me know!).  I also wanted a smaller margin at the top but again couldn’t get it to print if I made the margin smaller.  I know, first world problems . . .

The foldable is actually two pages copied front to back:


Once they are run front to back, fold in half so “Graphing Inequalities” page is on top.  On the inside, glue the two panels together where it says, “glue here.”  Then fold in half again so Graphing Inequalities is still on top.  Cut on the light lines (these are the ones I wanted to be dotted – grrr).  When you open it, you will see the image on the right.  I have students do the folding, cutting and take the notes.  I took the photo before I did the test for the test point so add that 🙂


Now when you turn the page you’ll see the solving systems portion of the foldable.Image

I chose examples that involve graphing with a dotted line (<) and solid (>).  The second equation will also involve flipping the inequality symbol once the student divides by a negative.  The bottom right system is an example of parallel lines with no solution, but you can easily change this to something else if you prefer.

Here’s a link so you can download this Inequalities Foldable – feel free to modify!




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