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A Tale of Two In-services

August is a time for professional development in our district.  Sessions are held almost daily, with topics such as technology integration, working in a collaborative teaching environment, first aid/CPR training, and content specific training (ie. TI-Nspire training for math teachers).  I … Continue reading

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EOC Review – Grouping strategy

Most of the activities in this review unit involve group work, and obviously, there are many ways to do this.  Often in class I allow students to choose their own partners, and frequently this works really well as students tend … Continue reading

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Treading water…barely

During my first year of teaching, a colleague told me the first year was all about keeping your head above water.  Year two, you make notes about what went well, and make modifications to things that didn’t.  Hang in there … Continue reading

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Factoring Foldable

My 8th graders really got factoring this year!  Because of all of the time lost due to snow days, I was attempting to compact the curriculum, and decided to teach factoring and solving quadratics at the same time (instead of … Continue reading

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Foldable – Graphing Inequalities and Solving Systems of Inequalities

Here is a new foldable to help students graph linear inequalities and solve systems of inequalities. I created the foldable using Google Presentation so I could share it with others, and make it easy for them to download and make … Continue reading

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